Y11076 Ancestral Locations

I think the Hauris will end up being a subgroup of Y11076 after all, or at least a very, very close sister group. The experts think I’m nuts about this but if you look the number of private SNPs we share with Y11076 is staggering.

There have been problems with the chipset used by FTDNA. It doesn’t pick up Y11076 very well. For me it was a “no read”. I had to go to YSEQ for a one-off test. It came back negative. Not at all what any of us expected, but okay.

My suspicion is that Y11076 is itself an unstable mutation. It probably should not be defining a branch of the tree. My bet at the moment is that I have a back mutation. That is, that the Hauris really do belong under Y11076 but my branch has mutated back. Maybe we’ll be able to find one of our Hauri cousins willing to take a test at YSEQ to see how far back we go here.

You can see from this map the Hauris originated in the heartland of Y11076 but that doesn’t help as much as you’d think it might. This whole region is the heartland of L42/L43, and indeed of L497. We expect to find and actually do find a concentration of groups and subgroups here.

Even so, I think I’m right on this. This is the kind of thing that time will tell. Hard to sit on my hands, but I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere arguing. Not yet, anyway.

Update July 7, 2020: It’s now clear there is no chance I was right about this. The Hauris are on a node parallel to Y11076.

Author: Justin Durand

Retired attorney. Genealogist. Ethnic Mormon. Moving Left. He/Him. My husband and I own Shining Lotus Bookstore in Denver.