Deep Clade Test

One of the members of the Hauri DNA Project ordered a deep clade test. His results came back a few days ago. Because they apply to the rest of us with the same Hauri haplotype, the results are worth going over.

The deep clade test looks for the SNP markers that define haplogroups and subgroups. From my test a few years ago, we know that the descendants of Jacob Howry of Howrytown belong to Haplogroup G2. My test result showed P15+, meaning that I have the P15 marker. That’s the marker that defines Haplogroup G2.

This new test shows that our buddy has M201+ P15+ M285- M286- M287- M342- M377- P20-. That is, he has the M201 marker that defines Haplogroup G, and the P15 marker that defines subgroup G2. He doesn’t have the markers M285 (for G1), M286 (for G2b), M287 (for G3), M342 (for G1), M377 (for G5) or P20 (for G1a).

Bottom line, the Hauris from our branch are G2, and more precisely G2*. Family Tree DNA is not currently testing for G2a (P16+), G2a1 (P17+ or P18+) or G2b (M286+). Doesn’t matter. Ray Banks has identified the Hauris as being part of his U8* star cluster, and there has been some discussion that this cluster might soon be classified as G2c. In the meantime, there are no more known SNPs, so no opportunity for further refinement of our Hauri haplogroup.

Author: Justin Durand

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